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Incoming local admin facing major problems


The opponent of whoever runs for Mayor in  2013 is not Mayor Celso Lobregat who is on his last term but major problems he left behind.

Jalosjos who is 99% running for Mayor in Zamboanga City will be confronted with major problems after 2013 local election.

The erratic peace and order situation that has destroyed the image of the city and adversely affected the tourism industry, has to be addressed with aggressive approach thru proper planning and effective implementing of the law by coming up with appropriate crime prevention plan attuned to the peace and order environment of Zamboanga City that is absent at present.

The traffic problem that has been left unattended for several years could have been partially solved with the construction of axis roads in the city proper, the construction of the diversion road from Culianan to Ayala, the establishment of the Bus terminal and strict enforcement of traffic rules and regulations in city roads and national highways passing the urban barangays.

The concreting of farm to market roads that will enhance transport of agricultural products to the city proper should have been given priority instead of minor projects.

The unemployment problem could have been partly solved had there been incentives to encourage entry of big malls that will contribute to the development and progress of the city.

The above-mentioned major problems have caused the city to lag behind compared to other highly urbanized cities that were smaller than Zamboanga City in the 1960’s but now more progressive like Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, Iligan, Bacolod and Davao.

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