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What is good police performance?


Some sectors are being misled of the performance of the Zamboanga City Police Office under its present leadership.
It is an accepted fact in the military and the police that “the unit is as good only as its commanders or leaders.”

What are the criteria of good police performance? This is self-explanatory and does not need further explanation.

The police blotter will show that during the period for the past one (1) year and nine (9) months Zamboanga City has experienced compared with past years, the most number of crime incidents especially on the laundry list of shooting and killings mostly committed in broad daylight, kidnappings and robbery/hold-up including carnapping incidents and bombings.

Just recently, during the period of Fiesta Pilar Celebration, two bombs exploded at Red Palm Pension House in Guiwan and San Roque cockpit on October 9, 2011 wounding 11 persons.

On October 10, 2011 a barangay kawagad of Talisayan was shot to death in broad daylight at Cabato Road, Tetuan.

At dawn of October 14, 2011 an explosion occurred at the house of former Barangay Chairman Dimarunsing at Sta. Barbara destroying 2 vehicles and the roofing of his house.

A week ago, a policeman was shot and wounded at Toribio Street together with a minor child who was also wounded while onboard their single motorcycle, and so many other shooting and killings in Mampang a year ago and right in the heart of the city.

Are these the criteria of good police performance in the field of crime prevention and law enforcement?
The local government must stop from being over-protective of the poorest performance of police officers and sacrifice not only the image of the city but most importantly, the life and property of the people.

The designation of acting capacity is provisional and the longest is 6 months. If the officer performs well, his designation will be made to permanent capacity, say from acting to a full-pledged city police director. If his performance is very poor, then he has to be replaced.

To elevate the designation from acting capacity to a full-pledged capacity after almost 2 years when the city’s peace and order under his watch was characterized by bombings, unabated killings, kidnappings, robbery/hold-up, carnapping and other crime incidents is tantamount to making a mockery of the police organization.

Are we made to believe that the present system in the PNP organization has deteriorated? We hope that this is just an isolated case.

In the past, the PNP organization was very emphatic on police good performance where the “One Strike Policy” was effectively implemented that has improved the performance of police officers especially those occupying sensitive posts in the field of crime prevention and law enforcement.

There is nothing personal in these observations but as citizens, we uphold the advocacy of President Aquino for everybody to follow the “Tuwid na daan” especially public servants.

By Rex Miravite

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