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Values - a must to media


What’s going on in our society today? Does media have an important role on what is happening around us? What is the role of media in today’s national and local crises? Why is there a need for values in media?

Values as defined, are desirable traits, socially acceptable standards or worthwhile goals. Values are moral principles, code of ethics or guiding principles that guide and direct our life. Media on the other hand, is a means of communication,  such as radio and television, newspapers and magazines that reach or influence people widely.

With freedom comes responsibility. As concerned citizen, we have to be vigilant of what’s happening in our environment. Pessimism hangs thick over us. It is undermining our faith in our economy. It is draining our hope to our country’s immediate future. It is pitting Filipino against Filipino in a war no one can win. The blame game is being played. Too many among us, politics has become the milieu for our ambitions, the motor for most of our actions and the theme for much of our conversation.

Many of us have been so taken by politics that we feed on it, drunk with it and driven by it.

The politics that has obsessed so many of us has been mainly about power. Invested by these  seeking returns through the use of public powers for private gains. It has  in fact  been mainly about selfish pursuits not about genuine service. It invokes the people and slogans about promoting the people’s  welfare but the sad fact is that it often uses the people. To eradicate this, we Filipinos has a vital role to contribute for the good of our society and therefore we need to be vigilant.  

However, there are those politicians in our midst who can still be trusted and be relied upon; who actualized their promises. Yes, we have… but they are rare gems in the arena of the Philippine politics.

Moreover, media plays an important role in what’s going on around us. It is indeed, a powerful tool that can make or break the harmony of one’s society. Media is so important for it serves as a vanguard in our society. It  makes people aware, be updated and be informed. Media is responsible to bring forth information which digs out from the opposite poles to get balance and just information. One that cares to put the stamp of excellence on what is being said and printed.

Most importantly, values  is indeed necessary to media. Principled, values-oriented and responsible media is what the people need. Let these values and principles be the bedrock of the information being delivered, the commitments we keep  ,the pledges we make and most importantly the life we live. Media seeks to unite rather than divide, built bridges by giving just information rather than putting barriers. If these are practice positively, media is used to be the beacon of light.                    

Lastly, we all have the role to play, the blame-game is over. Responsible and concerned citizen in a free and open society  is for every individual to live up to. Now is the time to be awaken. Learning from the past, planning for the future, and implementing what is right  can make a significant difference.

What is happening right now is a challenge for all of us - a challenge to dare and make a difference!

By Janet  N. Recamara

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