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Beware of the spent force


The Abu Sayyaf maybe a spent force but like a cornered cobra can viciously strike back with venomous and deathly blow. This terrorist group will not stop at anything to create havoc on their targets and discord between the Muslims and Christian Filipinos.

But while their overt plot is aimed at non-Muslims would-be victims, the Abus are not actually selective of their targets as their ultimate goal is precisely to create terror. Statistics from international intelligence community show that their victims are mostly Muslim innocent civilians. The body count is even exacerbated by the consequential tragedy in that Muslims who have nothing to do at all with their un-Islamic offenses and heinous crime are lumped along with the terrorist group. In turn, Muslims who are victims of the terror acts vent their ire on non-Muslims. Either way, the terrorists succeeds with their ruthless agenda.

While we have no means to validate the rumor that the Abu Sayyaf elements are out to snatch Catholic priests and nuns in order to assert that they are not a spent force that the government claims, it will not harm the Muslims and Christian communities to guard against this crouching reptiles that are out to strike their next victim.

Targeting religious workers is just another attempt to hammer a wedge between harmonious families and communities. The Abus, like other terrorist organizations, do not have political ideology and religious inclination even as they appear to be radically fanatics. Theirs is plain madness to satisfy their mania for blood and agony of their victims – regardless of whether they are Muslims and Christians.  This has always been the case since they have their first taste of blood.

By Menardo Wenceslao

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