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What are the criteria for being advance in development?


The interconnection services between Globe and the PLDT that was established in Zamboanga City is a welcome development thru the effort of the City Mayor.

And we are proud to be the 4th city throughout the country to have such interconnection next only to Bulacan, Pampanga and Davao as published in the local dailies dated October 19, 2011.

But to claim that we are ahead in Development and progress compared to those who do not have yet have interconnection like Cebu and other progressive cities could be a product of “Daydreaming’.

The interconnection communication services and awards received by the city for efficiency in some local government functions with all due respect do not contribute to the total development of Zamboanga City and don’t make us ahead of other cities
We are still very nuch lagging behind in development compared with other cities that used to be very junior to Zamboanga City (40) years ago like Cagayan, General Santos, Bacolod, Iligan especially Davao.

How can we consider our city to be ahead of Cebu and other above-mentioned cities when we do not even have a bus terminal, big malls, axis roads in the city proper, diversion roads, stable peace and order condition and good farm to market roads?

The city is safe but at your risk and if we claim that we have good peace and order in the city then that is tantamount to considering the lives of so many victims. Who are in killed in shooting incidents as “useless beings” including the victims of kidnapping and bombing incidents?
Are these the criteria to be advanced in development and progress???

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