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Statement of the PIME General Directorate in Rome on the killing of Fr. Fausto Tentorio


Mass media in Italy, in the Philippines, and in the world have already reported the killing of our
confrere Fr. Fausto Tentorio in Arakan, on the Filipino island of Mindanao. We confirm thevprincipal facts of the case, that is, that an unknown gunman fired several times at Fr. Tentorio as he was about to get into his car in front of the parish church. The killer fled on a motorcycle driven by an accomplice. So far we know neither the identity of the killer nor the precise reason for this crime.

None of our confreres has the intention of being a hero, but simply of being faithful to his missionary vocation. Some time ago Fr. Fausto Tentorio signed a declaration in which he stated:

"Thankful to God for the great gift of a missionary vocation, I am aware that it involves the
possibility of finding myself in situations of serious risk for my health and personal safety on
account of epidemics, abductions, assaults and wars, up to the eventuality of a violent death. With
trust in God I accept everything as coming from His hands, and I offer my life for Christ and for the
spread of His Kingdom." That is what he declared and that is what he lived. His sacrifice took place
only a few days before World Mission Sunday and coincided with the call of Pope Benedict XVI to
give a new impetus to the new evangelization and to the mission ad gentes.

We are grateful to all those who have expressed their closeness to us in this moment of sorrow,
whether directly to the PIME community in the Philippines or to the entire Institute through our
Superior General. For our part we pray, and ask everyone to pray, for the repose of the soul ofFr.
Tentorio and for those suffering the most from this sad event: his family members, among his faith
and love were nurtured; the Church and the people of Mindanao, whom Fr. Tentorio served and
whom he loved so much; the PIME community in the Philippines, suffering once again because of
the violent death of a confrere. Finally, we pray for the conversion of the killer and those who
commissioned him, so that they may open their hearts to the Lord, who desires not the damnation of
the sinner, but that he repent and have eternal life.

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