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Making school cool


Education is a powerful tool as one strives for success. Being in school is a gift in view of the fact not everyone is given the opportunity to a good education and those who are lucky to be in school must value its importance.It also poses a challenge to all educators to make learning not only an instrument to develop the mental capacity of an individual student  but  should make learning  a fun way of growing up.

Students  nowadays are preoccupied with a lot of things--- there`s the social networking and other video games to name a few of those stuffs. They find these entertaining hence, some of them would use their parents` hard-earned money not to buy snacks but to go to the nearest internet café, and worse, go on cutting classes just to do these things forgetting and setting aside that it is best to prioritize their studies.

The development of technology in our society, must not therefore be a hindrance to what is essential  in attaining good education. Parents should be the foremost guide of their children, along with the support of the teachers whom the students spending most of their  time with. For this reason, teachers must be innovative  in using technology as an important  part of learning.They should  be creative enough  in setting up activities that are not only educational  but also have  enjoyable impact with it. They should redirect  from the conventional way of teaching so they could  penetrate today`s  generation in making school cool for kids to enjoy the learning experience.

Being the noblest of professionals, educators indeed could make a difference in the lives of their students---a  difference  that would forever leave a mark in the hearts and minds of those who have been under  their  care. As the student leaves the portals of his alma mater, he will carry with him the wisdom  and the values he gains alongside the enjoyment  he will treasure in his lifetime.

By Nicasia G. Gepigon

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