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We have a living Savior and He is coming again (Part 3)


The surest thing in all the world is the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ from Heaven. He told His disciples on the eve of His departure just before He went to the Cross. I am coming again. I will return. We repeat this precious promise, And if I go and prepare a place for you, I WILL COME AGAIN (John 14:3).

He is coming to put an end to the misery that sin has brought, to take the church unto Himself, and to set up upon this earth a government and a Kingdom which will bring peace, prosperity and blessing to the world, to Israel and the nations such as has never been dreamed of.

The greatest event in the history of the world was the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ...(John 1:14). On that day in the fullness of time when God sent forth His Son to become a man, it marked the turning point of all history and the greatest revolution in religion and thought that the world has ever known. Surely that was a great event.

Yet this great eternal Son of God who was in the Father in the beginning and created all things for His Glory was willing to lay aside that form of God and veil His eternal glory to dwell as a human being on this earth in order that He might die for poor, lost, Hell-deserving sinners and make them the sons of God. All this He did when He came the first time.

But just as surely as He came the first time in the fulfillment of God's prophetic Word, just so surely and just so literally (Acts 1:11) will He come again the second time; and great as the event of His first coming was, yet greater shall be the glory of His coming again. It is a sad fact that many who profess Christ as their Savior have no vision of His second coming.

How is it possible that Christians should not be interested in the return of their Savior, the One who died to save them from Hell, the One who shed His blood for their redemption? Why, it should be that everyone who claims to be spiritually-renewed and who is really born again and knows what it is to be saved would be crying every day, “Oh, Lord Jesus, how long?”
The first promise in the Bible after man fell was about that glorious COMING AGAIN of the Lord Jesus (Genesis 3:15). Dr. M.R. DE HAAN, in his radio message – I WILL RETURN – tells us that only half of this prophesy has been fulfilled. The Bruising of the Seed's Heel was fulfilled in Calvary; but the final bruising of Satan's head under the bruised heel of the Savior is still a future event and awaits His coming again.

As the first promise in the Bible is concerning His coming, so the last promise in the Bible concerns His coming again. Listen to it in Revelation 22: He which testified these things said, Surely I Come Quickly (Rev. 22:20). And the last prayer in the Bible is for the Return of the Lord. Here it is: Even so, come, Lord Jesus (Rev. 22:20).

The second coming of Christ is the consummation of all that occurred at His first coming. It is the justification of Calvary, the vindication of His humiliation and death, and the verification of His infallible Word. One whole book, the book of the Revelation concerns His coming again and events associated with it. There is no greater incentive to holiness among the believers than the daily looking for that glad event when Jesus comes.


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