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Ukay-ukay vote makes ukay-ukay government


Apparently and inferentially, there are three kinds of political leaders that destroy our government. First, those who refuse to share and give up power; second, those who hold public office or position to enrich themselves; and third, those who always want to be praised, honored, and commended for the services that they have been paid for. All these three types of government officials are the ones making our country poor and keeping the general economy chronically paralytic. And we have no one else to blame but us, the ones who elected them through the exercise of our right of suffrage. By the way, did we sell our votes during the last elections?  How many times? Who finally got the deal? Are we going to sell our votes again in the elections of 2013? How many times? What will be the aggregate price, so the highest bidder can prepare?
Soon another election will be held again. And those whose terms of office have reached the maximum limits prescribe by law, are now scheming and super busy preparing how they can still remain in power in lower and higher echelons. Some are now extra meticulous with putting up the finishing make-over touches for the sure- hit victory of their relatives, brothers, sisters, or any member of their bloodline to keep the reins of governance in their monopolistic hands. These people will live in abject misery and loneliness if they will be voted out of power. So as early as now, no stone is left unturned, preparation wise.

Since they know that money is the primary capital to be considered in any election in the Philippines, any power aspirant necessarily has to have unlimited stockpile of this indispensable resource. For those incurably and irreversibly corrupt incumbent officials, this is the opportune time for undertaking all kinds of infrastructure projects funded by the taxpayers to be claimed afterwards as their accomplishments plus of course the lucre bonanza coming by way of tongpats and return-to-sender arrangements.

Many of these public works have no generic practical usefulness and valid economic justifications but they are purposely constructed in centers of populations primarily to impress the greatest number of voters that they are earnestly and devotedly doing things for the progress and development of their respective political jurisdictions. Poor taxpayers, not once have they been given due acknowledgement, recognition, and commendation for all the projects that had been funded by their collective wealth.  What is utterly disdainful is the temerity and propensity of these public officials to readily claim that these are their spectacular accomplishments. They even use these public works to serve as their perpetual billboards, streamers, and posters to advertise their names.  Wow, what a creative trick to keep their popularity at peak levels and always in the limelight using public funds.

The truth is, without the taxpayers, no public works will be undertaken and accomplished. They are fully and regularly paid by the taxpayers to do these as a public employees and servants of the people. Every public work is rightfully and factually the accomplishment of the taxpayers. We should always bear this in our minds. What the public should be very watchful and investigative constantly is whether or not these public works have been constructed strictly in compliance with the approved plans, bills of specifications, and programs of work.

But why do we have these kinds of public servants? How come they have managed to entrench and impregnably establish their political base? We have no one else to blame but us! What we elected by selling our consciences and souls is the kind of government we get. And please don’t complain afterwards! By selling your vote you forfeit all you civil and political rights to protest or complain against a corrupt government or political official.

The best way to prevent political candidates from buying our votes is to price them beyond their pockets. Selling them like ukay-ukay will only make an UKAY-UKAY GOVERNMENT.

By Clem M. Bascar

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