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Alcoholism: Among universal evils


Ever since the alleged “First Miracle” of Jesus Christ (PBUH) of turning water into wine, the intoxicant has been flowing like water in the society of drunkards. Social functions and religious festivities are incompetent without intoxicants. Like prostitution, gambling, etc. they are state-tolerated and the church as well, despite the concomitant problems resulting to the commission of all crimes under the sun while under the influence of drugs and liquor.

Under such condition, no correctional institution is big enough to accommodate all offenders. No man-made law is enough to curb the menace.

TV commercials proudly depicts the utter enjoyment of “pinagsamahan” with charming waitresses and the celebrities in the background but concealing the ugliness of the drunkard walking groggily and vomiting along the way, unconsciously falling asleep on pile of dungs and garbage. They are faithful adherents of Jesus Christ’s (PBUH) “very first recorded miracle.”

“Jesus saith unto them. Fill the waterpot with water. And they filled them up to the brim. And he saith unto them. Draw out now. When the ruler of the feast has tasted the water that was made wine and said (why) thou has kept the good wine until now.” (Holy Bible) John 7:7-10.

“Give strong (hard liquor) to him who is perishing (one who is dying) and wine to those who are bitter of heart. Let him drink and forget his poverty and remembers his misery no more.” (Holy Bible) Proverb 31-6-7
“Saint Paul, the 13th self-appointed disciple of Jesus Christ (PBUH), the real Founder of Christianity”. Advised his new convert-protégé – Timothy-born of Greek father and Jewish mother: “Drink no long water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and the thine often infirmities.” (Holy Bible) Timothy 5:23.

As a Muslim I do not subscribe to the above “First Miracle of Jesus Christ” (PBUH) taking into consideration his immaculate conception and birth without a father. He spoke to the people while still in his cradle by Allah’s leave in order to vindicate the chastity and honor of his virgin mother Mary (Maryam, A.S.) against the people’s unfounded accusation of committing fornication.

If mighty USA with all her brain power, superior economic and military might, is powerless to eradicate the menace of drugs, alcoholism, gambling and prostitution among others, how much more of countries and nations of lesser stature. In effect, abstinence, not condom is the panacea for all the herein mentioned social maladies and over and above, fear of God and accountability in the Last Day.

By Ahmad A. Sali, Al-Haj

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