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Environmental Protection: Everybody’s Responsibility


First and foremost, I’d like to say that protecting our environment is everybody’s concern and responsibility. What are being cared and protected? So many! The mountains, the hills and the valleys, the rivers, the lakes, the spring and the seas. To this effect, there must be no dumping of waste (basura) on the waters or anywhere in the city or to the community where we are in. we must learn the proper waste segregation as this is a sign of being a responsible citizen in our country.

If we truly love our environment, there must be no illegal activities be done that would destroy our mother nature. Like illegal logging, illegal mining, illegal fishing, illegal hunters (that destroys the wildlife), no campers (that will burn the plants due to negligence). Anybody who will be caught doing such illegal activity will be held liable and punishable by law. However, sad to say that despite the information campaign made by the government about this serious problem, there are still Filipinos who pretended to be innocent on the consequences on their illegal acts or perhaps refuse to understand the very relevant and understandable issue, and even considered it “ A Way of Life” because undeniably, due to poverty.

Aside from that, we must also protect our wild plants and animals that would eventually give pride to our country so as to uplift the dignity and self-esteem to every Filipino and to promote our country’s wonderful tourism.

The government does not lose hope to restore what had been lost. After all, this is a great challenge to the present administration. Pres. Aquino found measures on how to somehow stop and get rid this serious problem. Under EO 23 declaring Moratorium on the Cutting and Harvesting of Timber in the Natural and Residual Forest and creating the Anti-Illegal Task Force in the country which he signed dated February 01, 2011. This EO took effect and implemented immediately spearheaded by the DENR under Secretary Ramon Paje in cooperation with the LGU’s, AFP, PNP and course the civilians itself to help realize in the fulfillment in the government programs and policies.

Thus, the government and the people must be united, word hand in hand to reach the goal, in order to develop, manage, and protect the environment with true convictions, as to vision, one direction, one dream, and one purpose, for the welfare of all mankind.

By Teresita S. Reyes

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