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Basilan SF Battalion Commander must be Court Martialed


In the point of view of command responsibility, the gruesome killings of 19 Special Forces soldiers by the MILF including all the four (4) officers and the wounding of 11 others of a 40-man patrol composed of some scuba diving students sent by the Battalion Commander of the Special Forces Unit to Al Barka in Basilan on October 18, 2011 has caused an unredeemable embarrassment to the AFP.

Without following the standing operating procedures (SOP) of conducting an appropriate estimate of the situation as to the strength of the enemy forces in the area, possibility of being reinforced from the neighboring enemy troops and the capability of government forces sent on patrol composed of 40 soldiers only to accomplish a dangerous mission pursuant to troop leading procedures.

From all indications the Battalion Commander of the Special Forces has underestimated the manpower and firepower of the enemy forces in his area of operation.

The Battalion Commander due to lack of necessary knowledge of the enemy situation, lack of experience in the field of combat committed an irresponsible decision and tactical blunder of sending his men to an area occupied by superior enemy forces.

The Battalion Commander must be tried by General Court Martial under the Articles of War for the death of his 19 soldiers who were massacred like chickens by the MILF and the wounding of 11 others.

The MILF who admitted responsibility in the gruesome killings of the soldiers and the capture of their firearms must be charged for multiple murder and multiple frustrated murder and violation of the cessation of hostilities agreement if evidence warrants.

By Rex Miravite

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