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LGU's don't contribute fish conservation in Inland Fishing


every first week of October is “Fish Conservation Week” celebrated throughout the country for almost one half of a century now (48 years) to remind the people of the importance of conserving fish by protecting and preserving its sanctuaries and habitat for future generations.

The Bureau of Fishers and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) whose law enforcement functions have already been devolved to local government units (LGUs) since the 1990's is the lead agency during the yearly celebration.

The Inland Fishing Industry (Fishpond Operations) is the only alternative since commercial fish production is continuously declining due to over fishing and BFAR is trying to control by banning the catching of commercial fish during spawning period.

However, nothing is being done by most local government units including Zamboanga City to conserve, preserve and protect the crustacean and fish spawners' sanctuaries and habitat in brackish waters.

As a result wild fries have disappeared and eventually even hatcheries will run out of spawners coming from deep seas and Industry will die of natural death as it is starting to die now because of neglect by LGU's.

Several recommendation  have been made by fishpond operators thru the local fishery unit for the past several years for the passage of an ordinance to protect and preserve crustacean and fish sanctuaries in brackish waters in Zamboanga City but falls on deaf ears of local officials due to their lack of concern for future generations.

As of now “Fish Conservation Week” is being celebrated and participated by local officials only for formality and publicity purpose only because the local government is not committed to conserve and preserve the Inland Fishing Industry.

The speeches during the Fish Conservation Week Celebration on October 17, 2011 are meaningless and useless tantamount to fooling the fisherfold in particular and the people in general.

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