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Young soldiers are equally effective in combat


Let us not underestimate our young soldiers with age ranging from 18-19 up because they are properly trained in combat.

They are equipped with sufficient physical stamina, enthusiasm, determination and hungry of combat experience. Young soldiers are scheduled for deployment in Basilan.

Young soldiers are very responsive to instructions and orders and they can be relied upon as long as they are correctly and properly employed and led by responsible officers.

The Basilan incident on October 18, 2011 were 19 Special Forces soldiers were killed including all their 4 officers and wounding 11 others who were part of the 40-man patrol at Al Barka, Basilan was erroneously employed by their superior officers who committed and unpardonable blunder making them criminals for the death of their soldiers for their ignorance of the situation on the ground by allowing their men to die like chickens in the hands of their enemies.

As a result the Battalion Commander of the Special Forces was sacked and the Commander of the Task Force Basilan was relieved.

Lives of soldiers will be in danger if inexperienced commanders are sent to the battle front to lead men in combat in the same manner that lives of the civilians will be also in danger if inexperienced police officers are allowed to be designated as directors of police units.

Young soldiers are equally effective in combat if they are properly employed and supervised. (The author serve the AFP 30 years and the PNP for 7 years in different capacities as Provincial Commander and City Police director in different areas).

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