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Know your enemy in combat and in politics


More often than not, the reason why combat troops are walloped by the enemy is because of their failure to know accurately the enemies' capabilities or they are underestimating enemy manpower and firepower.

Similarly in politics, when aspiring for a single position like the mayoralty or congressional post, you must be able to know your opponent’s strength, weaknesses and financial capability.

In combat first of all you must know your own capability versus that of the enemy.

You must know the enemy’s course of action and your own course of action so that you can choose the best course of action that is to your advantage.

These are basic requirements in military operation.

Tactics and strategies never become obsolete. It is a matter of applying them in the right time and in the proper place.

To know yourself and the enemy is mandatory.

According to an ancient tactician “If you know yourself but not the enemy in every battle you suffer defeat.”

“If you know the enemy but not yourself every victory will mean defeat.”

“But if you neither know yourself nor the enemy you are stupid and foolish if you go to battle.”

Again in politics 2013 is fast approaching and as early as now the name of Jalosjos is floating to be definitely running for Mayor of Zamboanga City.

Jalosjos for sure has conducted an estimate of political situation and since the incumbent Mayor who used to be very influential in politics is on his last term and will no longer be his opponent in 2013 for Mayor.

On the other hand other mayoralty aspirants know their political strengths and chances of winning including their financial preparation. Similarly they also know the financial capabilities of Jalosjos being a kingmaker of the 2 provinces of Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga Sibugay including the 2 municipalities of Misamis Occidental.

By Rex Miravite

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