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Angry Birds is really, really hot


In the addictive world of computer games, Angry Birds is all the rage with fans across the world.

Recording over 500 million downloads worldwide since its launch two years ago, both young and old gamers find themselves fascinated by the colourful flock of tiny, mean-looking virtual birds.

The simple but addictive game involves catapulting the birds to destroy structures shielding catatonic pigs with the goal of killing them.

"I like playing Angry Birds on my mum's phone because it's fun and easy to play," said 11-year-old Clifford Law.

Avid fan Pooja Narayanan attributes her Angry Birds addiction to its "cute and entertaining characters, and the noises they make".

The 26-year-old copywriter admitted that she sometimes could not resist staying up late to play the game despite feeling sleepy.

Quality and training specialist Gadhafee Abdul Rahim, 33, said he loved the game because it was challenging. "If I don't win all three stars, I won't feel satisfied."

Tech blogger Mike Schramm explained the game's alluring factor, saying it was "simple enough for almost anyone to understand".

"But it is just complicated enough to remember in an iconic way," he wrote on tech review website

First developed by Rovio Mobile in 2009 exclusively for Apple, it is now supported by various operating systems such as Windows and Android.

Rovio has also released seasonal versions of the game such as Angry Birds Rio and most recently, Angry Birds Halloween.

Merchandise like plush toys, stationery and even clothes depicting the small cannonball-shaped birds and green pigs have achieved high sales worldwide.

Toys "R" Us Malaysia marketing manager Roanne Nisha revealed that Angry Birds merchandise were among the fastest-selling in its stores.

By Yvonne Lim

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