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The blessed hope and the order of Christ's coming (Part 3)


As we continue, and turning in your Bibles once more to I Thessalonians 4, you will notice that there are three things said about the coming of the Lord. First, He will come with a shout. That is the shout which wakes the believing dead. It is always the voice of the Lord Jesus which wakes the dead. In recorded cases, where Jesus raised people from the dead, it was always by His voice of omnipotence. The SHOUT, therefore, is for the believing dead.

The apostle Paul says He will also come with the VOICE of archangel. The archangel in Scripture is the protector of God's earthly people ISRAEL, and when the Lord comes He will have a message for that covenant nation, the earthly seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When the church is caught up with a shout, it will be the signal for Israel's purging, in the day of Jacob's trouble, when God will purity the sons of Levi and prepare His people for His Kingdom reign.

It will be a brief period of tribulation which will be the greatest trial and persecution Israel the nation has ever seen. Before that happens, God gives them an assurance that they will not utterly perish, and so the special guardian of the nation in the person of Michael the archangel accompanies the Lord to give assurance to poor, persecuted Israel that they will come through the test purified and preserved for the glorious reign of their King and Messiah.

A third thing is mentioned – THE TRUMP OF GOD. Trumpets in Israel were used particularly in the army life of the people. The trumpet occupied a prominent place in calling the people to gather for battle. Today, we still have the buglers in the army for the same purpose. So when Jesus descends with a shout to take His Church out, and the archangel shouts his assurance to the nation of Israel, and with the sound of the trumpet will call together the Gentile nations of the earth for the last great battle between good and evil; the last great battle of this age – the battle of Armageddon.


By: Bro. Paeng Santos

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