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Civilian cooperation needed in combating terrorism


The government peace keeping force in Basilan has consistently scored against the pesky yet savage Abu Sayyaf terrorist groups in the island province of Basilan. To the civilian communities in Basilan this is one big threat removed in their hopes for peace and one big deterrent done away with in their wish to live a normal life and economic activities.

These series of successful campaign waged by the government forces once more gave credence to the partnership and cooperation of the civilian population and the Armed Forces of the Philippines in combating not only common criminals but more importantly in pursuing savage terrorists which have caused untold miseries on what was once a peaceful island of Basilan.

But then again the people and the peace keeping force of Basilan should not be complacent given their successes. Remember, the terrorists never sleep and they strike ferociously just we think that they are gone. The consolation here is that united, we can successfully eliminate them.

By Menardo Wenceslao

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