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Inefficient public servants are like fruit trees need stress


With the la niña phenomenon since January this year exotic fruits like Bangkok lanzones and durian including the native varities, mangosteen and rambutan fruits are very scarce if not none at all at the sidewalks because of weather condition that deters them to bear flowers and fruits.

For these exotic fruit trees to bear flowers they need stress say at least 3 months of dry spell during summer.

Similarly lazy public servants will only become active and efficient if their shortcomings, poor performance and corrupt activities are noticed by the constituents and subjected to criticism and denounciation to let them feel the pain to correct themselves.

Therefore complacent public servants are like exotic fruit trees they need to suffer stress or pain before they bear flowers and fruits.

The taxpayers have to be vigilant against irregularities and corruption committed by public servants.

If unabated corruption is being committed by public officials with impunity it is the fault of the citizens for having a "don't care attitude" even if they notice it.

By: Rex Miravite

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