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'All roads lead to Rome-o'


For those who believe that for Zamboanga City to catch up with the rapidly progressing cities of Mindanao, a change of leadership is the only viable option. Hence, no amount of threats, scare tactics, intimidation, or and any form of coercion, pressure, or blockade could prevent a mammoth throng from attending the birthday celebration of a homecoming political behemoth who has not tasted even just the faintest pang of defeat up to this point of his governmental career.

Irreversibly and unavoidably, on November 24, all roads will lead to ROME-0 as confidently and enthusiastically predicted by those who at this early stage, have already pledged their “do-or-die” and “come-what-may” electoral support for whatever political position this returning verdadero Zamboangueño may aspire in the land of his ancestors.

Just the mere mention of the name Romeo sends shivers of terror into the spines of some incumbent politicos who would want Zamboanga City to remain forever in their firm control. Rumors have it that all sorts of threats, prohibitions, and roadblocks have already been set up by the internal political defense system of Latin City to prevent the invasion of any political Hannibal from any fronts of war. But the fortifications may not be that impregnable for the invading force is literary invincible and unstoppable given the stockpile of fire power and machinery that have been prepared for this political confrontation.

In fact, some self-proclaimed clairvoyants predict that if ROMEO decides finally to take a crack at the Roman throne, the reigning emperor might be forced to declare Rome as an Open City for mass defection will be inevitable.

But this is not the scenario that I am seeing in my crystal ball. The more likely political situation that could unfold for the successful defense of Rome would be the consolidation of all internal political forces with common interests. Those who want Zamboanga City to be their exclusive political turf would most likely close ranks and would expectedly go to all lengths and breadths to keep Zamboanga City permanently under their air-tight grip. So the Open City scenario, could turn out to be a ”close quarter” or a “fixed bayonets” political fight to the finish.

By Clem M. Bascar

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