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Agri-kapihan should be held in barangays not in hotels


The best way of sharing to the farmer’s better practices in agriculture and aquaculture is to hold a dialogue in rural areas and not inside convention centers of hotels.

The very reason why up to now most of our farmers are still behind even in basic farming technology is because they are not properly oriented because more often than always those attending the forum or summit in air conditioned convention centers are not really farmers and it is a wrote of government money.

And what is aggravating the so called local agriculture or acquaculture technicians are even misleading the farmers because they themselves are not familiar with the technology in actual practice or in short they are bookish.

Typical example local fishery technicians are telling fishpond operators to dry up their pond bottom only for one (1) week after harvest and they can stock again which is entirely erroneous.

And that is precisely the reason why fishponds become polluted that caused fish kill like what happened in Vitali three months ago where prawns and bangus died of diseases and oxygen depletion.

Even planting of ordinary crops like bananas our farmer are not aware of the better practices in culturing it for better or improved production.
How much more for a more sensitive exotic fruits like durian, mangosteen, longkong, lansones and rambutan wherein farmers are not taught the proper way of planting.

To address  this problem the Exotic Fruit Growers Association, a non-govermental organization in Zamboanga City headed by this writer with Mr. Ric Marmoleño as Vice-President will continue to conduct in rural barangays better practices in fruit tree planting and organic farming during the agri-capehan program.

Last month the association conducted a training at Silsilah Dialogue Movement in Pitogo, Sinunuc. Last September similar orientation was conducted among parents and students in Buenakapok Elementary School in Culianan.

Last August 14, 2011 students from Ateneo de Zamboanga University with the Hermosa Lions Club learned grafting of Bangkok Lansones at the Exotic Fruit Farm of this writer at Buenagatas, Boalan.

Similar on Practical Prawn Farming will also be spearheaded by this writer in the different districts with a veteran prawn grower and a former SEAFDEC official in coordination with BFAR Regional Director and barangay officials.

The best way to teach farmers on modern agricultural and in aquaculture is to go to the rural barangays and not in convention centers or hotels to teach them of the technology.

By Rex Miravite

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