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Claretian Peace Weavers- Claret of Quezon City


It all started when 80 delegates from all over the Claret Schools in the Philippines gathered at Zamboecozone in Zamboanga City, Philippines from the 23rd to the 30th of November 2008. I was a 3rd year high-school student back then. Each and every one of us has our own reason for joining the ACSPI Youth Peace Camp but that reason was overpowered of the urgent call for sustainable peace. I never thought that it will come to a point in my life that I will be an advocate for peace for my brothers and sisters in Mindanao.

Zamboanga City is a city where you will easily fall in love with its magnificent beauty and every day that I have spent on the streets of Zamboanga entails a lesson in my life; it is a lesson that is never taught within the four walls of our classrooms. The people in Zamboanga are full of dreams. They envision living in a place where peace reigns, where they can freely walk on the streets without worrying that someone would just throw a grenade.  Everyone of us have our own special dream, some dream of having a luxurious car, some want to have a big house, some may want to have the most expensive gadget and some want to have everything the world can offer but their dream in Zamboanga is to end the war, to stop the loss of life, to stop the bombings and have a good night sleep. For now it is just a dream but I believe sooner or later that that dream will be a reality when everyone would live at peace, when everyone could live a life they deserve. Why do we need to live in war when we can live in peace? A very simple question but no one can seem to find the answer. Is war the answer to our questions?

My dream is that one day our brothers and sisters in Mindanao will not be awoken by the sound of gunshots and bombings rather because of the humming and the chirping of the birds. Dream is defined as a fantasy which happens when we are asleep, but some say dreams do come true and I hope this time that my dream, your dream, our dream for peace in Mindanao will somehow happen in the near future. How about you? What’s your dream?

By John Xyrelle A. Danac

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