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Undertake crime prevention even without intelligence information


Intelligence information is a very vital ingredient in any operation especially in combat against insurgents and terrorists.

However, in the field of crime prevention anticipatory measures are more significant as an effective deterrent against criminals from carrying out their plans.

Intensified crime prevention campaign prevents a unit from receiving intelligence information about the enemy.

How can a potential criminal plan out to commit a crime if the opportunity to do it is deterred by an effective anticipatory measures undertaken by the police?

A crime prevention master plan is necessary for its implementation with consistency.

Reactionary mentality has no place in the field of crime prevention.

Reactionary units are those elements who only move upon receipt of intelligence information about enemy plan and more often than always major crimes are committed before intelligence information is obtained.

In police work crime preventive measures are routinely and consistently implemented without waiting for intelligence information inorder to achieve a stable peace and order condition in the community.

If the above-mentioned measures are undertaken Zamboanga City will have a stable peace and order.

A police unit must be anticipatory all the time and this is the nature of police work.
(The author has served the AFP and the PNP for 37 years in different areas in Mindanao and Visayas from 1961 up to 1998 doing police work).

By: Rex Miravite

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