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Zambo doesn't have crime prevention plan


For the past decade, the peace and order condition in Zamboanga City has been very erratic.

This could be attributed to lack of unified, consistent and coordinated efforts by the law enforcement units.

Most of the local government units (LGUs), thru its local chief executives who are granted the responsibility to oversee in the maintenance of peace and order in their respective jurisdiction pursuant to RA 7965 (PNP Law), have been remiss in their duties of providing security and safety of the people.

Local chief executives leave everything to the chief of police or police directors to come up with their own plan in crime prevention and maintenance of peace and order.

If police officers have sufficient experience in the field of crime prevention, the peace and order maybe stable.

But since police chiefs just come and go and not all police officers have field experience, the peace and order become erratic and the hapless civilians suffer because of the upsurge of criminality like in Zamboanga City.

Unless the local government of Zamboanga City can come up with an appropriate “Crime Prevention Master Plan”, the peace and order will continue to be erratic or even become worse as years go by.

With all due respect, if this important measure or plan cannot be formulated by the present local officials, this could be tackled in the succeeding administration if Jalosjos become Mayor in 2013. Let us not lose hope.

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