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Peace and order must be Jalosjos' top priority


Whoever will be the successor of Mayor Celso Lobregat will be confronted with a very challenging responsibility of restoring the erratic and deteriorating peace and order condition of Zamboanga City.

For the past years and more than a decade the city has experienced a very unstable peace and order brought about by unabated shooting and killing incidents, kidnappings and bombings which become a normal occurrences aside from the upsurge of robbery/hold-up, carnapping of motorcycles and other street crimes that do not only destroy the image of Zamboanga City but made the lives of victims miserable including their families.

The police blotter will show the authenticity of the above-mentioned record of criminality in Zamboanga City.

Aside from a strong political will to maintain a stable peace and order local officials must establish good community relations with its neighboring provinces and cities and not to isolate the city by having an uncooperative attitude with its neighbors.

Local officials must not pretend that they know everything. They must consult the people in the community in the preparation of a long range crime prevention master plan for the city which is absent up to present.

The local chief executive must invoke his responsibility of selecting only experienced and qualified police officers to serve as Chiefs of Police and City Police Director pursuant to the provisions of RA 6975 (PNP LAW).

The citizens out of frustration have the right to lecture public servants if they do not deliver the most needed services to the people.

Jalosjos who is groomed to be the next Mayor of Zamboanga City has the capability to do many things as far as coordination which the community and neighboring provinces and cities are concerned.

Firstly, Zamboanga Sibugay province the immediate neighbor of Zamboanga City to the East and Zamboanga del Norte to the North are the kingdom provinces of the Jalosjoses and the problematic Basilan province which is formerly a part of Zamboanga City is the birthplace of Nonong Jalosjos.

Secondly, Jalosjos is known to be diplomatic, open-minded, creative, imaginative, visionary and responsive to suggestions and recommendations can easily gain the support and cooperation of his constituents.

Stable peace and order is the key to development and progress must be given top priority if Jalosjos becomes Mayor of Zamboanga City.

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