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Biggest losers


The series of kidnappings attributed to Abu Sayyaf terrorists and the so-called renegade members of the secessionist fronts is  damaging the prospects of Mindanao to lure domestic and foreign investors. The few businessmen and emerging entrepreneurs are losing on the opportunities that new enterprises could have established in many parts of Mindanao. In reality however, the biggest losers in this madness which seemed to be ignored and even condoned by communities that lend them safe haven are the youths in the very communities where these elements are sheltered.

It does not demand deep analysis why poverty pervades in and out of the territories held by these criminal elements. It is simply that no sane capitalists will dare invest a single centavo in a place where both his money and himself will only reap the prospect of being robbed or kidnapped. Where there is scarcity of jobs, opportunities and money criminality will fill that gap. If one does not support or join the kidnap for ransom syndicates they either end up terrorists. Terrorists because instead of blaming and accepting the fact that his or her opportunities are denied her because of the lawlessness that is being tolerated. Ironically some of the victims of the gripping poverty blame the system except themselves and the dubious organizations that they support.

Unless the young and old generation wake up to the reality that most of their miseries come about because of their undoing, they might as well brace up for a more complex network of criminal syndicates and rabid extremists. The unending peace negotiations are just another problem. In fact, if only both Muslims and Christians in the conflict areas in Mindanao come to the realization that the other major threat to the stabilization in the region are the very groups that detest peace more than half of the problem that the negotiators wish to achieve shall have been realized. For as long as there is no truce, the kidnap syndicates and terrorists celebrate as the very antidote to their criminal pastime is peace.

There is a perceptible activity among the Muslim youth, particularly the women in various non-government organizations that are strongly advocating for peace. Their activities show the symptoms of how weary they have become over the protracted and unresolved conflict that are telling on their future and on the future generations.  But rather than putting the blame entirely on the government and on the MILF negotiators, it would do well for their cause if they start preaching on those who coddles kidnappers and terrorists on, who are the real culprits of their misery and on which faction should they side and work for.  After all it is their future that is at stake. Unless they want this misery to persist then any effort to redeem them from hopelessness is just a waste of time and saliva. It is not the government, the MILF, the terrorist and the kidnap for ransom syndicates who are the biggest losers. The communities who lend them sanctuary are.

By Menardo Wenceslao

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