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Are we really on top of the situation???


Every time major crime incidents occur in our city, our local officials always claim that they are on top of the situation.

Merely condemning the occurrence of heinous crimes and telling people not to be cowed by terrorisms because our local authorities are on top of the situation is tantamount to fooling the people.

This is deception in the higher degree to smoke screen the inability of local authorities to provide security to the community and ensure the safety of the residents.

The revamp of the Zamboanga City Police Office has been long overdue and is deemed necessary so as not to prolong the agony of the people on the worsening peace and order condition.

Shooting and killing incidents are the normal occurrences in the city, the latest of which happened just few meters away from the city hall where a jeepney operator from Nurben Subdivision in Talon-Talon was shot to death at broad daylight in front of a restaurant.

The criminals have no more respect on the law enforcers and the local officials.

In the olden days maya birds are afraid of a figure of a scare crow displayed in the middle of the rice fields but later on the birds realized that the scare crow is just a scare crow and is harmless and they just ignored it.

This is what the criminals at present consider our law enforcers and local officials.

Firmness, consistency in the enforcement of laws and close supervision of the personnel employed and deployed in the field of crime prevention by following appropriate crime prevention plan attuned to the prevailing situation in the city of Zamboanga are practically absent at present time.

Can we claim that our local authorities and local officials are on top of the situation???      

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