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Chief Justice lambasting the President on impeachment is harmful


The rift between the Executive Branch and the Supreme Court that resulted to the impeachment of the Chief Justice by the lower house and elevated to the upper house triggered a violent reaction from the Chief Justice.

Chief Justice Renato Corona surrounded by the highest tribunal  employees and some supreme court justices and judges of the different regional trial courts lambasted President Aquino on the impeachment charges initiated by the representatives of congress.

The support of the Supreme Court employees on the Chief Justice is expected.

The Chief Justice accused the President to have a hand for his removal from office in order that he can have his own chief justice whom he can hold by the neck as he mentioned in the TV news coverage.

Based on public opinion and surveys the President has the support of the majority of the Filipino people in the conflict between the executive branch and the judiciary.
And for the chief justice to lambast the president will do more harm than good to the chief justice.

It is a public knowledge that the executive branch is interested to replace chief justice Corona since the beginning for being a midnight appointee of GMA and the legislative branch that is openly supportive to the President’s move will determine the innocence or guilt of the Chief Justice during the impeachment trial.

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