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Judiciary verse Executive and Legislative branches


Whether we like it or not the present conflict between the Supreme Court and the President has dragged the legislative branch that is supportive to the President to become the prosecutors and judges in an impeachment trial against the Chief Justice.

The impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona by the House of Representatives could be attributed to controversial Supreme Court decisions…
In the level of the Supreme Court in deciding legal issues the vote of the majority votes will be followed.

However, the chief Justice can influence other justices on sensitive issues like his fellow GMA appointees to the Supreme Court in deciding the TRO allowing the former president to travel outside the country for medical treatment which has a human factor to her appointees wherein all of them including the chief justice voted in favor.

The appointees of President Aquino have a dissenting opinion but minority in number.

But the TRO allowing GMA to travel was not implemented because the Executive Branch invoked the “Police Power of the State” to protect national interest.

Not all majority opinions are totally right fall in fact there are instances where dissenting opinions are more convincing.

It will be recalled that the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified because majority wanted him crucified on the cross.

Chief Justice Corona lambasted the President after he was impeached by the lower house which is disadvantageous to him because the more he earns the ire of the people.

The Chief Justice should have kept his cool, remained calm, humble and rational and he could have gained the sympathy of the people.

The impeachment trial is a political exercise where the Chief Justice is being tried by the legislative branch that is supportive to the executive branch as far as the present conflict between President Aquino and Chief Justice Corona is concerned.

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