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Qualifications for Zambo City Police Director


Aside from the mandatory administrative requirements to qualify to be a City Police Director of Zamboanga City there are significant qualifications necessary that aspirants for the position must possess.

The situation of Zamboanga City is very unique that influences the peace and order condition.

The city is centrally located where the boundaries of provinces surrounding Zamboanga are infested by criminal and lawless elements who just come and go to La Bella Zamboanga.

Victims of kidnapping from the city are more often brought to the neighboring provinces for safekeeping while ransom demand is being negotiated with the family.

With all due respect while you can see in entrances to the city proper a slogan which states, “Gun Free City” but on the contrary criminal elements are carrying their firearms inside the city with impunity and are freely shooting and killing civilians and uniformed men alike like nobody's business. The latest victims were 2 policemen who were killed in a strafing incident along Veterans Avenue Extension on December 17, 2011 namely PO1 Dexter Guanzon y Bantoto and PO1 Gilbert Enriquez y Perez.

Therefore an aspirant to become a City Police Director of Zamboanga City must have sufficient successful experiences in the field of crime prevention in previous assignments. Zamboanga City must not be used as training ground for inexperienced police officers because the people will be the one to suffer.

The city police director must be creative, imaginative, with initiative and industrious especially in the supervision of his men.

In police work inorder to be successful in fighting crimes, the giving of instructions represents only one percent (1%) and the remaining 99% is follow up or actual supervision.

Crime prevention is the primary concern of the police over crime solution efficiency. Zero crime solution efficiency is the best accomplishment if there are no crimes are committed rather than to have 100% or higher crime solution efficiency where victims are ordinarily shot to death in broad daylight, kidnapping and bombing incidents become normal occurrences.

Firmness and vigilance with consistency without fear or favor in the strict enforcement of laws with anticipatory attitude will help neutralize criminal elements' activities.

Sincerity, dedication, devotion to duty and unselfish service to the community will gain the support and cooperation of the taxpayers for a successful maintenance of peace and order and in the protection of life and property of the people.

The Mayor must be furnished with a Bio-data of the aspirants for city police director as his basis to select the most qualified candidate.

The change of leadership in Zamboanga City Police Office has been long overdue.

And equally important the long range crime prevention master plan that is attuned to the prevailing situation in the city must be formulated by the Peace and Order Council and the committee on peace and order of the city council as effective reference of the police in accomplishing their mission.

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