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Corona's conviction or acquittal will cause unredeemable embarrassment


The impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona by the lower house will surely affect the credibility of the 3 co-equal branches of government whether he is convicted or acquitted during the impeachment trial to be conducted by the senate.

Without mentioning the causes that triggered the impeachment of the Chief Justice, the president is the prime mover of the impeachment charges who is enjoying the support of the great majority of the Filipino people including most of the representatives of the lower house.

The Chief Justice has also the sympathy of most of the justices, RTC Judges, and members of the judiciary which is expected under the present
circumstances including thousands of the members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines which is understandable because they are the officers of the Court.

The Senators-Judges who will determine the guilt or innocence of Chief Justice Corona will have an independent judgment based on the rules of Court, rules of evidence, Articles of impeachment, political situation and public opinion.

It is a trial bordering on legal and political aspects.

While some of the senators-judges are lawyers but they are all politicians including the non-lawyers.

Although the conflict is between President Aquino and Chief Justice Corona but it has serious implications on the 3-branches of government because Chief Justice Corona is representing the judicial branch and President Aquino represents the Executive Branch of the government which has the support of the lower house under the Legislative branch.

The conviction of Chief Justice Corona will embarrass not only the members of the judiciary but including thousands of IBP members (numbering around 50,000?) who are identified with the Supreme Court Justice being officers of the court.

On the other hand, the acquittal of Chief Justice Corona will cause an unredeemable embarrassment to the executive and legislative branches for obvious reasons and the frustration of the people supportive to the President.

To protect the credibility and integrity of the 3-branches of government and to restore harmonious relationship among the members of the 3-co equal branches which are indispensable for the country to move forward and progress Chief Justice Renato Corona must resign.

By Rex Miravite

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