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Another worthy reason to celebrate yuletide 2011


As the Year 2011 draws to a close, the Filipino people as a whole has another important event to celebrate, aside from Christmas and the coming New Year – it’s the triumph of Good Governance! Implemented at the start of the Aquino Administration just over a year ago, it has now become very real and its initial impact has been felt strongly by our people. This amazing milestone is attributable to the incumbents’ decisive and steadfast efforts at carrying it through!

In my “Much Ado About P-Noy’s Promises and SONA 2,” which was posted in this widely read daily’s online edition on August 31, 2011,  I theorized that in his Inaugural Address, President P-Noy’s basic promise to the Filipino people – his “boss” as he himself has repeatedly said – was Good Governance.  Although its principles have since been implemented with varying levels of success, four (4) consistently topped the action priority list:  rule of law, accountability, transparency, and responsiveness. To complete the list, the other principles are consensus orientation, inclusiveness, equity, participation, and shared vision.

It should be made clear, however, that none of the military generals and well-known high government officials – active or retired – and wealthy individuals who have been accused of corruption, tax evasion, mass murder, plunder or electoral sabotage have yet been sentenced with finality. Thus, under our democratic system of justice, they are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in the appropriate court of law.

But the fact that the relevant cases have already been filed against them, resulting in the detention of a still powerful few, proves the effectiveness of Good Governance as a basic administrative policy.

The shocking, unprecedented impeachment of a Chief Justice by the majority members of the Lower House of Congress has further proven its effectiveness. Their history-making move clearly upheld the same Good Governance principles upon which the Aquino Administration’s pertinent decisions and actions were founded, particularly the rule of law, accountability, transparency, and responsiveness. But like the other well-known high government officials who are accused of serious crimes, Chief Justice Renato Corona has yet to be tried and sentenced – at the Senate, functioning as an Impeachment Court, in his case.  

And even if its implementation has been fraught with controversy, caused on one hand by such bold and decisive moves as DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima’s supposed defiance of the Supreme Court, and President P-Noy’s recent candid criticism of some of its decisions in the presence of Chief Justice Corona himself, the fact remains that, indeed, the principles of Good

Governance are practicable. All it takes is a strong political will on the part of the government officials whose positions empower them to do so.

On the other hand, the resultant controversy has also been kindled by such reports as former PGMA Spokesperson Elena Bautista-Horn’s accusatory revelation that a plot to “put [former President Gloria Arroyo] to sleep” has been hatched by the Aquino Administration. And by her further revelation that the unnamed whistleblower, an official who had served the Arroyo

Administration, is today an active bureaucrat under the Executive Department. These have added fire, as it were, to the already simmering controversy.   

It must have reached the boiling point when Chief Justice Corona delivered a combative speech against the group of Lower House congresspersons who signed the impeachment complaint against him. However, his most emphatic and ringing arguments were directed at President P-Noy, the acknowledged chief architect of the impeachment strategy against him. His most astounding argument was that President P-Noy wanted to replace him with another Chief Justice, who the President can control, because the latter is firming up his grand plan to gradually establish an Aquino Dictatorship!
Now, it must be emphasized that within the context of this write-up, to celebrate the triumph of Good Governance is not to deride the misfortunes of those who have been accused of serious crimes against our government and people! Neither is it to disparage the harrowing pain and suffering they and their respective families and relatives are going through as a result of such accusations. On the contrary, despite the cases filed against them and on account of their lamentable situation, our traditional value system suggests that they be treated with civility and due consideration. 

Therefore, the inspiration that should provide the proper focus to our people’s enhanced jubilation this yuletide is the evolving realization of their decades-old dream of a truly credible and socially equitable system of government and politics. In other words, the third worthy reason which the Filipino people have to celebrate Yuletide 2011 is the triumph of Good Governance!

By Ric Adjawie

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