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An Open Letter


December 18, 2011




I am appealing to your good office with due respect. As good constituent of Zamboanga and regular taxpayer that contribute portion to the IRA of Zamboanga City, this is regarding my predicament to the City Engineer and his cohorts. My complaint is base on proof, it was in the middle of October when I started calling the attention of our good City Engineer regarding the erection of two storey residential building on top of the open drainage situated at Clipper Height, Baliwasan, my first question sir, have your office issued a residential Building Permit in Baliwasan he answered me back “NO” if no why it is they constructed on top of the open drainage he answered I will send one of our Engineer's to investigate your complaint, and ask me if I could give names of person nearest, I give him the name of Engr. Claridad, but sad to say this investigation was never materialized and the building is already 75% accomplished, and to this date I keep on calling and always informed that they are on field I feel like a ball passes me to four corners of the City Engineer Office, that prompted me to appeal to your good office for your disposal. Lastly Clipper Heights is always flooded when raining due to lack of maintenance from the Barangay and support or never at all. If the City Engineers will not be checked from their wrong doing and ignorant of law people will continue constructing their building without respecting the legality of easement.
Lastly I would like to thank the management of Daily Zamboanga Times and Zamboanga Today for publishing my letter.

Concerned citizen

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