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Two years of rising shooting incidents is too much


Never in the history of Zamboanga City that shooting and killing incidents could be likened to killing people like chickens in 2010 and 2011.

Police blotter shows the preponderance of evidence on shooting incidents aside from kidnappings, bombings and other crimes.

Over-protectiveness to the inefficiencies of senior police officers occupying sensitive posts causes the breakdown of peace and order and the upsurge of criminality in the community.

There is a need to restore the “one strike policy” of the past as a challenge to police directors and chiefs of police to improve their performance in crime prevention and enforcement of laws especially in the protection of life and property of the people.

Crimes cannot really be prevention but to be outsmarted by criminals most of the time if not all the time then something is seriously wrong with the local police leadership.

Zamboanga City has a very unique situation being surrounded by provinces infested by criminal and lawless elements.

Therefore, Zamboanga City must be spared from making it a training ground to inexperienced senior police officers especially in the field of crime prevention, otherwise the residents will suffer just like the past two years.

The designation of the incumbent OIC or acting Zamboanga City Police Director must be adjusted to permanent capacity.

Because the designation of an OIC is only good for one month and the position in acting capacity does not exceed 6 months as a probationary period, as far as this writer can remember, to determine the capability of the Officer to handle the responsibility with utmost efficiency.

To me an OIC or Acting police Director for 2 years until his relief will not speak well of his performance.

However, if honestly speaking there is no basis to make such adjustment, then that would be alright.

If the impending relief of the incumbent acting police director has no connection on the rising shooting incidents for 2 years to smoke screen his very poor performance, then that is tantamount to “making vulgar what is obvious.”

The City Mayor must be very inquisitive on past experiences of Candidates to be designated as City Police Director of Zamboanga particularly in the field of crime prevention and strict enforcement of laws to prevent the petition of unabated killing incidents and other heinous crimes occurring in Zamboanga City the past 24 months.

By Rex Miravite

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