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The police must restore its imposing personality


It will be recalled that the local police in the 1950’s and 1960’s were so snappy with their spick-and-span khaki uniform with pershing cap standing on both legs at street corners equipped only with a baton.

Policemen in the past, with their imposing personality, were well respected because they were firm and consistent in enforcing the laws but humble and courteous.

Criminals nowadays are not afraid to commit a crime because they have no more respect on the local authorities and local officials.

How can criminals respect our law enforcers when they appear like a bunch of guerillas in athletic uniform chatting with each other at street corners like at Plaza Pershing and other areas in the city where they are supposed to be on beat or mobile patrol to enforce the law?

Law enforcers in the actual performance of their duties of enforcing the laws must always be in their complete prescribed law enforcement uniform and not in faded athletic attire (T-SHIRT).

Imposing personality of the police could only be restored if they wear back their present authorized law enforcement uniform while in the actual performance of their duties in enforcing the law.

With all due respect to the policy, if ever it is a policy authorizing the police to wear an athletic attire while doing law enforcement functions, the gray T-shirt with sleeves is a very snappy athletic uniform during athletic days but not as a law enforcement uniform of a peace officer.

Let us restore the imposing personality of the police by requiring them to be always in complete police uniform as principal law enforcers of the land.

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