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Teaching: A passion


The quality and performance of the teachers have always been a focus of concerns in education, the quality teaching is not only governed by the qualification, knowledge and skill, competence of teachers, but also their enthusiasm dedication and commitment in teaching. When a teacher is motivated and loves the teaching profession, the students/pupils will not only learn the content taught by the teacher, but the students/pupils are also motivated toward learning. Teachers who are dedicated to teach would facilitate school-based innovations or reformations that are meant to be beneficial to students/pupils learning in development.

Good teaching is affected not only by the knowledge and pedagogy of the teachers, but also their passion to teach which is associated with enthusiasm, caring and commitment.

Teacher commitment as a passion is a positive emotional attachment to the work generally or specific aspect of teaching.  It is an investment of extra time outside of expected contact hours with students/pupils. This extra time is either visible time invested at the school or invisible time invested off the school. It is a sharp focus on the needs of the students/pupils either emotional or academic, a responsibility to impart knowledge, attitudes, values and beliefs.

Today, how many teachers manifest the true sense of commitment to work? Majority virtually needs close supervision from their respective school heads, and most often than not they become part of the problem who used to trade on the mess that “when the cat is away, the mice play.

By Abelardo T. Brutas, Jr.

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