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Power is temporary, fame fades


Public officials should not appear like somebody when occupying government posts as though they are the boss of the taxpayers.

There are misguided public servants while in the service with high positions believe that they are powerful and famous that they become unapproachable.

People in government are there to serve the people and they are paid out of the taxpayers' money.

The facilities where they are holding office and the transportation they are using are owned by the people and they are merely public servants and not the boss.

The boss are the people and this has always been emphasized by the President.

There are public servants who took advantage of their positions by becoming corrupt while in office.

After they are out of office they are charged and sent to jail.

Leaders of countries, while in power, are very famous, but the moment they are out because of the abuses they have committed they are publicly  hanged, shot to death or they languish in jails or on hospital arrest.

Power is never permanent and fame fades.

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