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Mayor Lobregat is right about intel funds but...


Crime prevention is the primordial concern of the police over crime solution. If the police are effective in their anti-crime campaign, then there is no crime to talk about.

Intelligence information is a very important factor in any operation especially in combat.

No military or police operation without sufficient intelligence report about the enemy or terrorists.

However, in routinary police operation as part of crime prevention the police can go on patrol with or without intelligence information.

In fact if the police do not receive intelligence report regarding plans of criminal elements and no crime is being committed that indicates that their anti-criminality campaign is effective.

It is true that some of the killings in the city are motivated by grudges, personal or business related.

In this case the intention to kill is already there are no amount of intelligence funds can remove that intention from the mind of the suspect.

However, the suspect may not be able to carry out his plan if there is no opportunity to commit a crime.

Along this line the effective enforcement of the firearms law by the police may deter the suspect from committing a crime.

Therefore Mayor Lobregat is right when he said that even with intelligence funds, a person can commit a crime if he has the intention and given the opportunity to commit it because the police are not effectively and consistently enforcing the law.

But since there is an allocated intelligence funds by the millions, it must be used for the purpose because it could be of great help in identifying the kidnappers, terrorists and criminal syndicates so that anticipatory measures could be undertaken by the police.

By Rex Miravite

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