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Regional Center issue is dead and buried


The regional offices have been transferred to Pagadian City from Zamboanga City pursuant to Executive Order Nr 429.

The EO issued by former President Cory Aquino more than 20 years ago was considered executory upon its effectivity and in fact it has already been executed when most regional offices have already transferred to Pagadian City.

So the issue is no longer the retention of the regional center in Zamboanga City.

In order to transfer the regional center to Zamboanga City, there is a need for another executive order to be issued by President Noynoy Aquino, the son of former President Cory Aquino who issued Executive Order 429.

But if this happens, the Executive Branch will be flip flopping like the Supreme Court which is one of the charges against the Chief Justice who was impeached by the lower house of congress and to be tried by the house of the senate.

The government has already spent so much funds by the hundreds of millions of pesos for the transfer of the regional center to Pagadian City.

The issue has been dead for the past several years and with the forthcoming political exercise in 2013, it will be reburied again since it has political importance.

Let's be realistic that the voting population of Zamboanga City is only around 362,000 versus over a million in Pagadian City and neighboring provinces.

The President needs maximum votes for his senatorial slates. No President in his right mind will ever sacrifice his party and supporters in congress by committing a political blunder of issuing an executive order transferring back the regional center to Zamboanga City.

Let us not resurrect a false hope to our people especially the regional employees because the issue has already been dead and buried several years ago.
Otherwise, if we insist in doing it, then that is tantamount to fooling again the people.

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