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More good things to expect


Last week I highlighted and praised the absence of a billboard containing the name and picture of our local Chief Executive at the project site of the on-going construction of the Tumaga barangay Hall. Although there are still vehicles, equipment, overpasses, bridges, and other public works that are still used as stationary and mobile advertizing materials by our key political officials, I think to expect the disappearance of all these unnecessary, impertinent, and ethically wayward propaganda materials from public view, is like expecting a miracle to happen. Knowing that our incumbent political officials have different frames of mind, states of heart, and value systems, it might be too much for us to demand that they should also remove their pictures and names printed and posted on government-owned infrastructures, transportation facilities, and equipment. 

They say that good things attract good things. It is therefore, logical to expect that an ethical act will lead to another ethical act. If this is the trend of positive change in the official conduct of our incumbent top political leaders, the taxpayers can expect many good things to happen in this year of the water dragon. Although, I have completely lost all my prognostic gifts and clairvoyant attributes, some residues of intuition still manifest in the peripheries of my mind.  In some very rare instances and under conditions of total unconsciousness, some flashes still occur providing me silhouettes of the future. The only problem is, realities of this nature, are totally beyond my control except when they occur within my physical sway.

The most rewarding and positive thing that happened related to our consistent and persistent efforts to free our political and natural environment with visual obstructions and ethical hazards associated with this wanton habit of using public places, facilities, equipment, and infrastructures as permanent advertisement and promotion paraphernalia of egoistic and power addicted government officials all over the Philippines, is for the giant Multi- Media networks to expose this highly unethical conduct. With the fearless, massive, and concerted exposition of this scandalous pre-occupation of politicians to advertize their names and pictures using government facilities, equipment, real estates, vehicles, and infrastructures, the public expect a dramatic positive change in their collective ethical and moral conduct.

In the light of this laudable development, we can expect many good things to happen particularly in the strict compliance, adherence, and obedience of our incumbent executives to the ethical standards and moral norms in the performance of their legally mandated functions, duties, and obligations.

Do you think those acronyms and political slogans associated with certain politicians will be erased from the taxpayers’ property in due time? In the face of uncertainty, I think optimism is the better attitude to manifest.

By Clem M. Bascar

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