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Favorable crime statistics can't overrule bad public perception


Crime statistics is prepared regularly to compare the crime volume of a certain period to the previous one covering the same period.

For record purpose,s all crimes are noted in the police blotter either minor, major and heinous which carry the same weight as crime incident.

It could be that in previous period referred to by the crime statistics, the crime volume could be higher compared to the present.

But the present period has more of the major and heinous crimes that caused so much apprehensions and fear to the public because of the number of victims in bombings and kidnappings without mentioning the non-stop killing and shooting incidents where victims are killed with impunity like chickens.

These incidents that happen in Zamboanga City that created bad public perception cannot be overruled by a favorable result of crime statistics.

The crime statistics cannot convince local and foreign tourists and investors to come to Zamboanga City.

By Rex Miravite

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