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Cooperation is the only option left against terrorists in Basilan


Abu Sayyaf terrorists are still able to carry out their kidnap-for-ransom forays in the island province of Basilan . True to their barbarism and savagery they beheaded three of their latest victims whose fault was only to serve the interest of the community. They execute their victims not only because they failed to produce the ransom they demand but because they want to deliver message of terror. Decapitation and murder are their mode of communication to scare the community and to tell the world of their existence.         

Basilan residents must continue and sustain their stand together against whatever form of syndicated crime and the vestiges of the Abu Sayyaf for there is no way peace and development can be achieved in that once beautiful and land of calm and interfaith cooperation. The number of these lawless elements have dwindled on account of the community involvement in the government campaign to eradicate these scum which have victimized Muslims and Christians population in the province.

There are however isolated barangays that have remained to be lairs of the remnants of terrorist band and bandits. Not that the people in these areas are cooperating with these savages but they are being silenced by acts of terrorism. Unless they muster enough courage and together rise up against their tormentors will they be able to liberate themselves from these abominable murderers around them. In doing these, they have to accept the fact that their only remaining salvation is the government peace keeping force. It is an option that is available to them. But then again they have to have faith in the government forces and must provide the lead to reach the hiding places of these criminals. Take note that majority of the successful campaign against the terrorists were carried out by the military and police only with the cooperation of the civilians.

These cooperative endeavour must be pursued without fear. It is the only option left if a community wants to achieve peace and development or remain in the bondage of their tormentors.


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