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Not all intelligence information should be kept secret


The President of the Philippines can delegate his authority but not his responsibility.

President Noynoy Aquino was right in announcing himself the terror plot during the Black Nazarene procession in Manila last January 10, 2012.

Some sectors were criticizing the President for not delegating to the concerned agencies the warning that terrorist groups have plans to disrupt the procession thru bombings and other terroristic activities.

A retired Navy Commodore was opposed to the premature expose of intelligence report publicly instead of just taking action to prevent the terrorists from carrying out their plans.

The aforementioned criticisms are considered anti-anticipatory mentality which endanger the safety of the public.

Why? Because it is better for the criminal syndicates to know that the government is aware of their plans and counter-actions are being undertaken to confront them head on if they intend to carry out their terroristic activities.

Not all intelligence information should be kept secret if only to forewarn the public of the danger of terrorism during the Black Nazereno procession so that the people can help the government by being conscious of their own security while the authorities are doing its best to counter terrorists' activities.

The President is responsible for whatever happens to the security of the country and while his authority can be delegated his responsibility cannot.

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