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Jalosjos team necessary to fast track Zamboanga's development


The camp of Former Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos who is groomed to run for Mayor of Zamboanga City in 2013 revealed that aspirants for all elective posts for the forthcoming 2013 local election under his party must work as a team if they come out victorious.

Candidates must come from the different sectors who have their own expertise in various fields.

For better governance to enhance development, following individuals must compose the team in different fields: (1) Infrastructure oriented, (2) Health, education and social services, (3) Agriculture and Environment, (4) Peace and order, (5) Trade and business industries, (6) Barangay affairs oriented, (7) Tourism industry among others, (8) Advisers and consultants in the 5 pillars of the criminal justice system.

For the post as Representative of the 2nd Congressional District, Mercy Arquiza Fernandez is definitely running if Nonong Jalosjos runs for Mayor.

For Vice-mayor, representative of the 1st congressional district and councilors for the 2 districts are to be screened to see to it that they possess appropriate expertise in the different fields to compose the team that can fast track development of Zamboanga City and improve the erratic peace and order.

So far only Mercy has come out to the open and declared her intention to run for congress of Zamboanga City's 2nd District under the Jalosjos Group.

By Rex Miravite

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