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It is honorable for CJ Corona to resign


The impeachment proceedings against the Chief Justice have just started and it appears that the premature disclosure of CJ Renato Corona's assets beyond his capacity has aggravated from bad public perception to worse against him.

The conviction of CJ Corona by the Senate (Impeachment Court) will definitely embarrass and demoralize the members of the judiciary including sympathetic IBP members and the wound inflicted to the Judicial Institution as a result of the impeachment will cause further damage to the relationship among the 3 Co-equal branches of government as it has already been partially damaged with the members of the judiciary openly joining the rally in support to the Chief Justice directly against the President the Representatives of the lower house.

On the other hand, the acquittal of CJ Corona will be a slap to the faces of the Executive and Legislative Branches particularly the President and Congressmen who were the prime mover and accuser/prosecutor of the Chief Justice, respectively.

It will also further erode the trust and confidence of the people to the highest tribunal as it has already been eroding.

Furthermore, it will affect adversely the anti-corruption campaign of the present administration.

With the alleged ill-gotten wealth of the Chief Justice and his family it would encourage other unscrupulous and corrupt officials to continue their illegal activities in government if Chief Justice Corona is acquitted. It will give a bad image to the entire nation.

Inorder to save the troubled judiciary that is in serious conflict with the other 2 Co-equal branches of government that divides the country it is practical for CJ Corona to resign before the final judgment is handed down by the impeachment court.

CJ Corona will appear honorable for saving the 3 branches from colliding and from suffering unredeemable embarrassment if he resigns rather than for the impeachment proceedings to continue and come out with a judgment.

Win or lose CJ Renato Corona will create animosity among the 3 branches of government where the inflicted wound will hardly heal.

By Rex Miravite

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