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Disobeying God to keep peace with other people is never wise


Sometimes we are too concerned with protecting the reputation of people but too little concerned with protecting the holy name of God. Our supreme desire should be to glorify the name of God by what we think, say or do. We ought to pray daily, as Jesus taught us to, that God's name be treated as holy.

Our calling as Christians is to bring glory to the name of God. God's name represents His character. Taking the name of God in vain misrepresents God's character to others (Exodus 20:7). As Christians, we carry the name of our Savior. The way we live and relate to others is a direct reflection on the name of Christ.

When the Israelites profaned God's name before the nations by the way they lived, God “hallowed” His name: He made His name holy by punishing them (Ezekiel 36:22). When David sinned before the nation, God publicly disciplined him in order to protect the holiness of His name.

In heaven, God's will is the only priority. A word from God brings angels to do His bidding, immediately and without question. Jesus instructed us to pray that God would accomplish His will in our world in the same way. This means that God's purpose would be preeminent in our homes, our business, our schools, our churches, and our governments.

God wants to trust Him daily with our needs. This trust does not make us poor planners or careless with our futures, unprepared to face what they may come. Rather, it keeps our relationship with the Lord in its proper perspective as He reminds us daily of our dependence upon Him.

At times we'll have to make a choice between pleasing God and pleasing those around us, for God's ways are not man's ways (Isaiah 55:8-9). As important it is to strive for good relationship with others. It is even more important to maintain a steadfast relationship with Christ. At times obedience to God set family members at odds with each other. Jesus warned that obeying Him might cause division in your relationships (Matthew 10:35-36).

When we follow Jesus' lorship, our family and friends may misunderstand, or even oppose us, yet our obedience to God reflects your identity as His child. Jesus said that those who obey His will are His brothers and sisters (Luke 8:21). God does not intend to divide the home, but he places obedience before domestic harmony.

God is aware of what tomorrow will bring and how we should prepare for it. He knows the problems we will face, and He has already made provision for us to overcome them. He asks us to trust in Him daily. Our faith in Him today cannot substitute for our trust in Him tomorrow. If we walk with Him closely today, we will be in the center of His will tomorrow.

To walk in peace with God is always paramount. The opposite of peace is conflict and the reason why we do not have peace of mind and soul it that we are at war within ourselves. It is important to get alone in quietness with  God so that we can understand what pleases Him. The world's thinking will mislead us more easily when we are not clear about what God desires.

How wonderful and important it is to learn lessons while there is much of life to be lived. Outside the Bible comes one of the most sublime statements - “In His will is our peace.” Disobeying God to keep peace with other people is never wise.


By Bro. Paeng Santos

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