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Jalosjos probable opponents for mayor reluctant to announce


From all indications, the probable mayoralty aspirants for 2013 local election are coming from incumbent elected officials.

The more candidates for the local chief executive position for Zamboanga City the merrier as far as the Jalosjos camp is concerned according to insiders.
Former Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos seems not bothered by any of his known opponents for 2013 local election.

Jalosjos is prepared for a one on one or 3 cornered fight for mayor of Zamboanga City.

With 180,000 signatories urging him to run for Mayor, Jalosjos, who hails from Tumaga, Zamboanga City, has an edge over his opponents especially with the clamor of the great majority of the people for a total change in the local political leadership after the term of Mayor Celso Lobregat in 2013.

Councilor Mercy Arquiza fernandez of Mercedes is sure to run for representative of the 2nd Congressional District if Jalosjos runs for Mayor to compose a team with other members of the group to fast track development and improvement of peace & order.

But it appears that the probable opponents of Jalosjos are reluctant to announce their plan.

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