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Is criminality still just a perception in Zamboanga City?


The reason why Zamboanga City appears to be the home of criminals is because some local officials are over-protective of the heninious crimes being committed with impunity in the city.

Public officials are directly or indirectly protecting criminals when they say that crime incidents are just public perception, as if the public is lying which is an insult to the intelligence of the people.

Cases of shooting incidents are ordinarily committed in the city almost daily in addition to bombings, kidnappings and other common crimes and yet some local officials are taking it very lightly as if lives of people are comparable to ordinary animals.

The over-protective attitude of local officials on criminality is making Zamboanga City a haven of criminals like most Latin Cities.

This uncalled comment on the perception of the public on crimes will further aggravate the complacency,laxity and laziness of top police officials.

Policemen of Zamboanga City are very good if they are properly employed, deployed, managed and supervised.

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