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Is there hope for the Year of the Water Dragon in the Philippine Islands?


I have always thought of The Dragon as a reference to government or a leader with such great powers.

The decision making, which can force millions to abide to the law established by government, can determine the future like economics. It is good to know that the year of 2012 will be continued prosperity for all, but what about the long-term?

The government of the Philippines decided to add 2 years to the educational development of Filipino children in the Philippines with the argument of poverty and high unemployment and we should follow along with the rest of the world having their declining economies needing more taxation of the working class to stay at number one or should I say, the Top 10.

To the Filipino Children capable of success, it will mean another two years before they can enter the workplace. Two years will be added to every high school graduate in the Philippines, on average. The Filipino children will not be earning full-time salaries and a livable wage for another two years after high school or it will be added to further higher education before getting their first full-time job.

I do not have a college degree and I am not an expert on Economics, but I think the Philippines will get a downgrade forecast for a ten-year period for the brilliant move of the dragon. The water dragon may not drown, but the added junior high curriculum certainly will add to the struggle of fighting poverty while losing two years of income from every high school graduate in the Philippines, since GDP is calculated with per capita spending income; deduct two years of income per student in the Philippines on average for every Chinese New Year of the future.

By Daniel Escurel Occeno

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