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Jalosjos should institutionalize Zamboanga’s crime prevention master plan


No leader of any nation since the ancient times has done everything for his or her country otherwise, his or her successor has nothing to do except to sit down.

Mayor Celso Lobregat has done a lot of good things for Zamboanga City in his three terms (a total of 9 years) as local chief executive which will end in 2013.

Before he become mayor, he served as congressman of the then lone congressional district of Zamboanga City for six years (1998 up to 2004).

Former Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos, who is being urged by the great majority of Zamboanga City residents to run for Mayor in 2013, has a strong leadership and political will to further develop the city and address its erratic peace and order problems.

Jalosjos, an experienced legislator and development oriented, should institutionalize a long range “Crime Prevention Master Plan” for Zamboanga City which has been overlooked for so long a time.

Past local legislators claimed that they cannot legislate the minds of criminals so it is not possible to make a plan.

Actually, it is not the minds of the criminals to be legislated but preventive measures that will deter potential criminals from carrying out their plans in mind by limiting the window of opportunity for them to commit a crime.

Without an appropriate long range “Crime Prevention Master Plan” attuned to the prevailing situation in Zamboanga City to be implemented by the police with consistency, the peace and order condition of the city will remain erratic and unpredictable like our weather condition that is being influenced by Climate Change.

Mercy Arquiza Fernandez, who is from Mercedes and running for congress of the 2nd district, is the prime mover of the Jalosjos group and a team partner for a progressive Zamboanga City.

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